The past few days have been very tragic for the whole country. As a mark of respect to the CRPF soldiers who lost their lives in the dastardly attack done by the Pakistani backed terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed, our Indian cricketers dedicated the third ODI against Australia to the martyrs.

Our Indian cricketers sported special Army caps during the third ODI against Australia. The Indian cricketers also donated their match fee to the National Defence Funds.


MS Dhoni handed over these camouflage caps to the Indian skipper, Virat Kohli and he came out for the toss wearing this camouflage cap, having BCCI logo on it. Virat Kohli urged everyone to contribute towards the National Defence Fund so that the money could be used for the welfare of the families of the CRPF soldiers. He said :

This is a special cap, it’s a tribute to the Armed forces. We’re all donating our match fees of this game to the National Defence Fund. I urge everyone in the country to do the same, donate and stick to the families of our armed forces,”

Well, if you aren’t aware then we should tell you ICC rules do not permit wearing of caps other than national caps. Teams often observe silence over national tragedies or wear black bands. This is the first time that cricketers of any country wore camouflage caps.

It is being said that the idea of wearing these camouflage cap came from MS Dhoni, who is an honorary lieutenant colonel with the Indian Army. Just to let you know, Virat Kohli is very superstitious when it comes to his caps, he normally sports the same dirty Test cap that he wore on his debut. But wearing this camouflage cap came easy to him.

However, the caps have created a lot of buzz around and there are many questions going around in the air. The heart-winning gesture can be a dangerous sign, also, military caps symbolise aggression. 

Many websites have reported the doubt that the team has been nudged towards this by the prevailing anti-Pakistan sentiment. However, nothing can be said about this.

Whatever it may be, but BCCI and our Indian cricketers have surely won hearts with their gesture.

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