The Indian cricket team once again made all of us proud as they won the boxing day match by 137 runs beating the Australians. It was indeed one of the most amazing performance of Indian cricket team in the ongoing series.

The Indian cricket team impressed one and all with their brilliant performance in all the three aspects of the game. The Australians were given a huge target of 399, all thanks to the heroics of Pujara in batting and Bumrah in bowling. The Men In Blue are currently leading the series with 2-1.

The men in blue have gives us enough reason to celebrate the New-Year in advance and Kohli and company have done it in style. What an absolutely brilliant match.

As soon as the Indian cricket team won the match, the twitter was flooded with posts and tweets for the Indian cricket team. Both the Indian team players and the fans have expressed their happiness via Twitter. From Sachin Tendulkar, Suresh Raina, to the million fans out there, everyone took to twitter and flooded it with their tweets.

Here, have a look at the reactions of cricketers and twitterati to India winning the boxing day match :



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