You Are 95% Smarter Than Other People, If You Can Complete This Test Without Fail


The social media is filled with grammar nazis these days, who never fails to plint out our small mistakes and make us feel embarrassed and bad for our English.

However, there’s no need to lower your aelf esteem, because there’s always a scope to learn. Instead let’s take all those grammar nazis seriously for this one time and concentrate on fixing our ailly mistakes rather than feeling embarrassed about it.

Here, in this article we bring you a few sets of questions or a quiz that will make you understand the basic mistakes that we are doing in our daily lives without realizing. This quiz won’t just highlight your mistakes to you but you will never forget these important points in your life.

Here, take the quiz and get rid of your silly mistakes of grammar :

1. Well, this one is very easy, choose between ‘to’ or ‘too’ :

Well, the answer is :

2. The most confused choice of all times, ‘who’ or ‘whom’? :

Well, the answer is :

3. Again same choice but tough question, who or whom?

Well, the answer is :


4. Another tough choice , ‘affected’ or ‘effected’ :

The answer is :


5. Same choice but different question, affect or effect :

Well, the answer is :

6. Here the choice is between ‘which’ or ‘that’?

The correct answer is :


7. Easiest choice here, ‘is’ or ‘are’ :

The answer is :

8. Make or makes :

The answer is:

How did you do on the quiz? Are you truly a grammar wiz, or are you a grammar fail? Let us know!

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.