When we talk about the history of world and the countries, history of India is grand and epic.Empires and Kingdoms have dappled the history of India. So many empires came, conquered and left, may be this is the one of the reason why our country is rich in cultures and traditions.

But over the years, India has changed a lot, be it in terms of communication, modernization, technologies or any other factor. Map of India has also undergone many changes.

Map of India, don’t we just love it’s shape? But it wasn’t always the same.The wars, partitions and what not, India was a one big country, it’s shape has changed and so is the area.

Here, we bring you a video, by which you can observe the changes Indian map has gone through, which will give you a complete highlight as how and when changes took place. This video will mesmerize you and will leave you stunned. Have a look:


Amazing yet heart-breaking isn’t it? Yeah, we can actually feel what you might be feeling now after watching the video.

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