These 10 Everyday Things And Their Strange Purposes Will Amuse You


Have you ever eyed upon stuffs tossed around in the room with absolutely no idea about their uses? If you’re too one of those whose creativity level manages to make those things usable, these 10 everyday things will amuse you to the core.

Here, we bring you 10 everyday things and the purpose they were designed for


Jean Small Pockets

The pocket was designed in 1873 by Levi’s to hold pocket watch. Hence, it’s also known as watch pocket.

Hole In The Cap Of Ballpoint Pen

In case small kids accidentally swallow the caps, the hole was made to avoid suffocation. Safety, you know?

Little Holes In The Windows Of The Airplanes

The purpose for these holes is to avoid the windows from getting fogged. And yes, they also regulate the air pressure inside the plane.

Small Fabric Comes With New Clothes

In case you were thinking it’s just for patches, you’re wrong. The small fabric is given as a sample so that you can test all you detergents before applying on the original clothing.

Extra Holes In The Sneakers

Noopes, you’re not supposed to loop the laces from them. They are for ventilation purpose to keep those feet fresh.

Holes In The Handle Of Your Cooking Pot

Of course the hole is for hanging the pots after use. But as an additional charm, they can be used to hold spoons as well.

Bottom Of The Bobby Pin In Zigzag

Contrary to what you’ve been doing all this while, the zigzag side is supposed to be placed downward in order to give a nice grip.

The Spike On The Cap Of Medicinal Tubes

The main purpose of the spike, was to make a hole through the protective seal of the tube. So next time instead of using any other pin, just remove and use this spike to make a hole.

Hanging Loop On The Back Of The Shirt

Apart from the hanging purpose, the loop on the back of the shirt indicates that the man is single; if the loop is removed it means the man is in a relationship. Interesting!

Eraser’s Blue Part

You think the manufacturers added it just to make the eraser more attractive? Noopes, the blue part can be used to erase deep writings including pen.