From our childhood we have all loved puzzles. Every puzzle comes across a challenge we need to overcome. They help to tease our brains. If we can solve a difficult puzzle we get satisfied by our intellectual productivity.

In this article we have come with 7 puzzles that will challenge your problem solving ability. You will need to look carefully in the pictures and find out the underlying tricky information. You can’t take too much time to.


Try to solve each within 10 seconds. Check if you can solve these problems quickly and share with your friends too. If you can solve each one within seconds then you are very intelligent.

7.Both of these pictures have one thing in common. They are flawed because of one similar mistake. Can you find that out quickly?

6.This white t-shirt is torn. If you observe closely there are two holes in it. Can you tell us how many holes the shirt actually has in total?

5.There is something unique about this tree. Look closely and then rename this tree according to that.

4.There is a mistake in the following picture. You have only 10 seconds to figure it out. Can you do it?

3.The couple in the center of the picture is drawing all the attention but can you spot a baby in there?

2.You can see two lines in the picture. Can you confidently say which line is longer out of them?

1.This one will definitely test you observation capabilities. Out of all the figures can see spot a worried Mike Wazowski?


7.In this picture the eyes are upside down if you watch carefully. If you can’t find it out try to rotate the picture upside down. Most people don’t observe this in the first go.

6.The correct number of holes is 8. As the question doesn’t specify the holes you have to take holes in the neckline, sleeves, and bottom of the T-shirt. Other than these you have to count four more holes in the torn fabric as they were cut through both the layers.

5.The puzzle is all about noticing the camouflaged bird in the tree.

4.Did you notice that the word ‘spot’ appears twice in the picture? This is a real tricky one.

3.Follow the branches of the tree and you will see an outline of a baby. The head is in the left while arms and feet are in the middle and right respectively.

2.The obvious answer is that line A is longer. By circling B in the preview image, we wanted to test your conviction.

1.See carefully in the picture.


  • If you took less than 20 seconds to solve each of them then it indicates that you are very sharp and can think logically without getting distracted. You can solve various problems quickly.
  • If you took more than 20 seconds to solve them or failed to solve some then it shows that you are slow in transitioning from one problem to another. Your brain can not switch swiftly between problems.
  • However, if you answered each of them within 5 seconds, it means you brain can adapt to new situations lighting quick. You have a keen eye for the tiniest details.