There are many things which made us love 90’s cartoons. The makers were really interested to do something different, something unique and they proved their capability by these cartoons. Cartoons were one of the most watched programs, because of all the original jokes and storylines, Kids loved it. Unlike today where kids hardly watch it. There is a time gap from then to now but 90’s were exceptional. Surely a time to remember one of the greatest Cartoons we have enjoyed in our childhood. Specialty those cartoons presented was how brilliant the storyline and ideas were which is still watchable by us. It became very famous at that point. Let’s see which were the cartoons we loved watching.

1. Tom and Jerry:


This is beyond doubt one of the legends in cartoon history. Really funny and there is hardly any kid who didn’t grow up watching this.

2. Popeye, the Sailor man:

There is isn’t any kid who was not fascinated to Popeye’s power surge after having that spinach. Really funny and educational show.

3. Pokemon:

One of the most popular cartoons among kids and adults even now. The recent popularity of the game “Pokemon Go” shows how popular the pokemon franchise is till now.

4. Doraemon:

Educational and funny with a sci-fi robot. There is hardly any kid who does not want a robot like Doraemon.

5. Shin Chan:

This show is extremely funny depicting Shin Chan doing all sorts of mischiefs.

6. Dragon Ball Z:

One of the shows going on even now. Equally adored by kids and adults, this is a must watch.

7. Transformers, Robots in the sky:

Who doesn’t love shape shifting alien robots. Thrilling and enjoyable, this one is loved by everyone.

8. Ben 10:

This show was really popular. There isn’t a single 10 year old who dreamt of finding a alien watch and gain super powers like Ben, after watching this.

9. Looney Toones:

Funny to the bones, this show is for every kid.

10. Chhota Bheem:

Tells the story of young bhim. Educational, funny and captivating all in one.

11. Scooby Doo:

Mystery solving and having fun with friends all in one. One of the legends in cartoon history.

12. Beyblade:

Now this was something, kids could actually play with their friends. This was nothing less than a big franchise and is still adored by all.

13. Teen Titans :

One of the most loved superhero series. A movie is yet to be made.

14. Justice League:

This is one of the epics. Finally we have the movie coming out soon.

15. The Powerpuff Girls:

Girl or boy, this show was hit with every kid.

16. Naruto:

We still love it. It teaches us how anyone can achieve anything in life if they give the effort needed.

17. Mr. Bean:

Adapted from the movie with the same name, this show is just as funny. This will lift up your mood even on the bleakest days.

18. The Silver Surfer:

Yet again a super hero series which was not famous but it became with this series.

19. Batman Beyond:

Yes, we are still waiting this to be a movie!

20. Spider-man unlimited:

This series was an example that spider-man is not about just one suit!