Mukesh Ambani Was Asked How Much Money He Carries. He Gave A Very Unexpected Reply


With a net worth of 40.9 billion USD, Mukesh Ambani is one of the richest men of the world. The business magnet is the largest shareholder of Reliance Industries.

In a recent interview he was asked about what money meant to him and he gave a brilliant answer.


The interviewer asked him ‘What does money mean to you now?’ and to this, Mr. Ambani gave a very precise and thoughtful answer. He started with saying that money has never meant much to him.


From the point of view of a company CEO, resources enable you to take risks. More resources mean that you have much more flexibility in the business. From a personal point of view, he never carried money with him since childhood.

He doesn’t have a credit card and never carries cash with him. He went on to say that he always has somebody around him who pays for him.

He was then asked what he has learn from his children who now work together with him in his company. He jokingly replied that he would have never dared to say to his father that ‘Dad, You don’t get it’ like his children say to him.

His father had the biggest influence on him. He was treated like a friend and he said that he would like to treat his children like a friend.

He then named a few books that he is reading at the moment like Dan Brown’s Origins, Walter Issacson’s Leonardo Da Vinci and few technical books too.

Mukesh Ambani On His Success Mantra

'I don't have a credit card, I don't carry cash in my pocket', says Reliance Industries' Chairman & MD, Mukesh Ambani at #HTLS

Posted by Shereen Bhan on 1 ಡಿಸೆಂಬರ್ 2017

At last he was asked ‘How would you define success?’ and Mr. Ambani said to him fulfillment is the most important aspect. It gives a lasting satisfaction to think that you gave your best. You would have to reconcile if you fail despite giving it your all.