Being a driver is not easy in India and if you are a truck driver, you are most probably doing the most dangerous job in India. With pathetic roads and traffic condition, they are racing against time every day they step onto the road with steering in their hands.


With tons of goods loaded on a truck and driving hundreds of kilometers on highways everyday, they are risking their lives to make sure goods get transported and life doesn’t come to a stand still.

They drive in extreme weather and on dangerous roads but never run away from fulfilling their task. Their trucks are thrice the size when loaded but somehow they are able to balance and drive it.


In this post, the team of Funniest Indian has compiled a list of 16 pictures which prove why Indian Truck Drivers are the best in world. They are the master of jugaad’s and belief in only word, Over-Weight!

Here Are The Pictures Of Over-Loaded Indian Trucks:

1- They don’t believe in weight but over-weight.

2- They roll out on the highways with heavy loads that is almost twice or thrice their size.

3- It doesn’t matter whether it’s sugarcane or rice bags, only quantity matters.

4- They will find space for anything to load.

5- They don’t give a f**k to law of physics.

6- Like this!

7- They need atleast one whole way to drive.

8- You can even do stunts with them.

9- Is the truck even visible?

10- How is he even able to balance this truck?

11- That’s even bigger than a pregnant walrus.

12- And they find space to drive on the world’s most treacherous road.

13- And they can also drive on sea.

14- And on rail tracks.

15- They are also the master of jugaad and finds the best place to take a nap.

16- But they are not always fortunate.