Did you ever have a Bihari friend who made sure that you lose your mother tongue and star saying ‘Hum’ in everything? Well, if you didn’t have one, then make sure that at some point in your life you get a chance to live with some Bihari. Arguably one of the most specific and amusing languages around, Bihari amalgamates the pleasure of words with imaginative action. Bihari words are not only funny but expresses their meaning in the most informative manner.

With almost every Bihari word capable of imitating double meaning, a little knowledge of the language is sure to bring a smile on your face.

In this post, the team of Funniest Indian has compiled a list of 15 Bihari words which are not only funny but carry a subtle distinguished meaning. Their sweet and amusing language makes them one of the most loving people around and it would be highly ignorant to term them fool and educated, as termed in most parts of the country.

Here are 15 Funniest Bihari Words:

1- Bhaklol

Kitne bade baklol ho be tum?

2- Dheeth

Nahin manogey na tum, kitne bade dheeth ho bey?

3- Bhakchonhar

Sala itni der se tumko samjha rahey hai, kuch ghusta hi nahi, bhakchonhar kahin ka!

4- Labardhodho

Tum to sala ekdumme labardhodho ho, kuch aata hi nahi!

5- Jhonta

eh sala mera jhonta kheechlis!

6- Thoorna

Sala bakloli mut karo varna thooriye denge.

7- Chapaath

kitna bada chapath ho be tum?

8- Muaana

Agar phir Bhabhi ki taraf dekhe na, to kasam khare hai muaaiye denge.

9- Bhakuaana

Kitna piyoge ji, bhakuaaye hue ko ekdum?

10- Labar-labar

Kitna labar-labar kartey ho bey? Arey tanik thoda chup baitho.

11- Ghonpna

Sala chakku ghonp diya pet mein.

12- Bajaarna

Sala phir kabhi usse baat kiye na, to maa kasam bajaariye denge.

13- Chhuchchha

Bahut chhuchchha aadmi ho bey tum. Thoda style maro.

14- Khakhorana

Arey kahe beeti baaton ko khakhor rahey ho, kahe!

15- Markhandi

Arey bahut hi Markhandi hai be tu, burbhak kahin ka!