Watch: MS Dhoni’s ‘Hilarious’ Expert Comments From Behind The Stumps


For the fans of Indian cricket team, the stump mic is no less than a gold mine. Time and again the stump mic has given us so many hilarious moments by revealing the funniest conversations held between our favorite players or the hilarious things uttered by them in between the match.

For example, this one by our captain cool:


Oh and this recent one by Virat Kohli in his trademark style, hands-down this created a storm on Social Media:


Stump mic have always revealed us the kind of relationship our favorite players share with each other.

No doubt, we all owe so much to the stump mic, including the fact that our favorite, Mahendra Singh Dhoni will never stop calling Virat Kohli, Cheeku . 

For all the fans of Dhoni and of-course the stump mic, we bring you another precious gem.The video was shared by Twitter user and fortunately, some one had added subtitles too.

Here, have a look:

Well now with Cheeku we all got Kulee too. We can watch this cute video for the complete day.

This video went viral in no time on Twitter.Here are some of the funniest reactions by Twitteratis:

  1. Mahi :’) :

2. Apna Cheeku 😀

3. Lol! :

4. The best one, indeed:

5. #Nostalgia:

6. Haha.. :

7. That’s Mahi for you :

8. And we wonder how interesting the commentary would be then :


9. Now you know why we love cricket? :

10. Never!

Here, we wish that their adorable love affair continue behind the stump mic. #FanForever

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