Mayanti Langer and Stuart Binny are one of the cutest couples in the cricketing fraternity. While one is a cricketer who represented India at the highest level and the other one is most sought-after cricket presenter.

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Mayanti  has worked her way hard in a male-dominated field of sports presenting. She is currently on top of her game and has left her mark everywhere. However, the journey was filled with ups and downs and a lot of struggle.

In a recent chat session with ‘Miss Field’, Mayanti Langer opened up about the time when she was body shamed. She also revealed the time, when someone clicked a picture of her interviewing Suresh Raina, to her husband objectifying her dress. She said :

“I had done an interview with Suresh Raina for one of my shows. I was wearing a dress and someone took a screenshot and sent it to Stuart on Insta or something, saying ‘Stuart Bhaiya ye kya ho rha hai? (Stuart Bhaiya what is going on)’.  And he was like ‘This is Suresh Raina bro. He is my teammate. He has captained me in an India game’,” 

Mayanti Langer was also asked about her love story and how it all started. The interviewer asked her if she knew Stuart Binny before she met him, to which she went on to say:

“No, I didn’t (know Stuart) when I first met him. And that was a funny thing.  I remember one of my producers walking by one of the teams and said ‘that’s Stuart Binny, that’s Roger Binny’s son’.  And I am like ‘Okay. Who?’  That’s how bad my knowledge was when it came to cricket,”

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Mayanti Langer then revealed about her first interview session with Staurt Binny and how it went, he said :

He was my first interview of the season. One of the producers told me that he recently got engaged and he has done well previously, so ask him about these stories. During the interview, I did congratulate him on his engagement, which I later realized had never happened.”


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She added:

That was our first proper interaction and it was pretty embarrassing, but it broke the ice between us. On a lot of occasions, we are on the field together, but we don’t talk a word with each other. That’s the decorum we have to maintain,” 

Here, have a look at the complete video :

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