Here’s How Much Our Favourite Bollywood Stars Spend On Their Electricity Bills


From Gucci Sylvie Bag of Rs 2.26 Lakh to shoes worth Rs 26,268, everyone is interested in how much Deepika Padukone spends on her things! There are innumerable instances which rule the tales of Bollywood industry of how expensive lifestyles our actors maintain. 


Quite astonishing facts are yet to come. What do you think, how much do our leading Indian film stars spend on their electricity consumption? Well, be sure, the figure is not in thousands.

Although Arvind Kejriwal is often blamed for spending large sums as electricity bill every year but he cannot be compared to what B-Town actors pay for their plush apartments or swanky bungalows in Mumbai. We are presenting more about this today, just read on:

Salman Bhai’s ‘ Dabang Bill’:

Living with his parents in Galaxy Apartments at Bandra, the actor pays almost around Rs 23 Lakh per month. Astonishing! Isn’t it?

Nawab’s Nawabi Bill:

Difficult to match his Nawabi lifestyle, the Nawab Of B-Town Saif Ali Khan spends Rs 30 lakh per month to pay his electricity bills.

They are the royal family, but still a care can be taken on the usage, I guess!

Mr Perfectionist:

Popularly known as Mr Perfectionist, Amir Khan pays Rs 9 Lakh per month for his Bandra Apartment. Well that’s less than the others though!

The Mastani Expenses:

Shocking! Yes. Actress Deepika Padukone is one of the highest paid in the industry. Known to be working in big budget films , she pays around Rs 13 Lakh for her electricity bills every month.

If you think it’s too much you won’t believe the next.

King Khan’s ‘Mannat’:

Lovingly called as King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan follows a lifestyle of the king indeed. The electricity expense of Mannat is around Rs 43 Lakh every month. That’s a royal bill though!

When the couple used to live together:

There was a time when Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif used to live together. They used to spend Rs 10 lakh on their electricity bill.

The Grand Villa:

Bollywood’s Big B owns a grand Villa at Juhu, Mumbai. He pays Rs 22 Lakh for his electricity bill every month.

Are you shocked? Many are spending much more than this amount; we just introduced you their world of expenses and you must surely be left shocked! Their expenses are so grand that we can just whoop about.