Shah Rukh Khan, the king Khan of Bollywood is inarguably the biggest star of Bollywood. He has his millions of fans, who are crazy for him, not just in India but around the globe. King Khan has been ruling the hearts of his fans since more than 2 decades now and not just for what he is on-the screen but for also what he is off-the screen as well.


He has fans not just in India but all around the world. Even Hollywood stars like Leonardo Di Caprio, Akon, Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman admitted how they admire Shah Rukh Khan.

Now, even Chris Martin, lead singer and frontman of Coldplay added himself to Shah Rukh Khan’s list of fans.

Recently, Chris Martin took to his twitter and openly declared his love and admiration for the superstar. He mentioned Shah Rukh Khan Forever in his latest Tweet and people are going crazy over it.

Although, SRK has never got involved in any Hollywood project but his stardom is way beyond one can think. So it was not very surprising to see Chris Martin expressing his love with his tweet.

Here, have a look at the tweet of Chris Martin :

Soon the tweet was flooded with responses from SRK fans and they were going crazy and was eagerly waiting for SRK’s reply. He responded with a tweet which won hearts all over. Here, have a look at his tweet :

The tweet read:
Will surely listen to the the music u are listening to my man. Will send u some Indian music too. Love to you & health and life Forever and more to you”

However, this is not their first interaction. In they year 2016 Shah Rukh Khan himself hosted a grand after party for Chris Martin and other members of his band after they performed at the Global Citizen Festival in India.

Here, have a look at the reactions of twitterati :

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