Twinkle Khanna is a perfect combination of beauty and brains. There is no secret in the fact that Twinkle Khanna is downright hilarious and time and again she has proved this fact with her wit and off beat humor.

However, Twinkle Khanna’s Bollywood career turned out to be a disaster and even she admits it openly but she is currently at the peak of her career as Author. Recently, she launched her third book titled ‘Pyjamas Are Forgiving’ , her last two books were bestselling. The actor turned author made us laugh with her witty yet sensible columns.

In a recent interview with DNA, Mrs Funnybones made a jaw-dropping revelations. Twinkle Khanna revealed that her husband and Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar had forbidden her from doing two things – one is acting, and the other one is something that Twinkle Khanna really wants to do but she can’t.

Twinkle Khanna revealed :
“Actually, it’s one of my fantasies to be a stand-up comic. I practise in the mirror. But my husband (Akshay Kumar) has told me two things, to never go back to acting and not to ever do stand-up comedy, because I’m terrible at both!”

Well, she not just revealed something about her husband but also about her mother Dimple Kapadia. Talking about her she revealed that her mother never encouraged her for anything. She said :
“She was rather surprised when she found out that I dedicated this book to her because she has never encouraged me in anything. She has always tried to pick faults. When I first started writing columns, one of them became very popular and I called her up to ask her if she has read it and she replied – ‘No, but I wanted to tell you over dinner last night that none of your serving dishes match’,

Well, we really wish, that Twinkle Khanna’s third book also turns out to be a bestseller and she keeps on entertaining us with her hit.

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