15 Times Bollywood Celebrities Were Caught Sleeping After A Long Day At Work


15 Times Bollywood Celebrities Were Caught Sleeping After A Long Day At Work: These days, Bollywood stars spend a lot of time promoting their movies. In the last 10 years, the style of promoting Bollywood movies has gone through a massive transformation and this has led to more hard work for the actors.


From realty shows to education institutes, Bollywood actors travel around a lot to spread the word and build excitement among fans for their upcoming movie.

There was a time when the only job actors used to do was acting, but now because there is a lot of money on stake and very tough competition within the industry, actors have to put extra yards to make their movies do well at the box-office.

Many Bollywood critics and trade analysts say that crore has become a new lakh in the Bollywood because almost cry movie crosses the 50-crore mark and if the cast is star-studded it easily crosses the 100-crore mark at the box office.

In this post, we have listed Bollywood actors, both male and female, who were caught sleeping on the sets or on the road, to get some much-needed rest from their packed schedule. Actors, sometimes, cover as many as 3 cities in a day to promote their movies and when you do that much travelling, you are bound to get tired. But, because were are FunniestIndian.com, we try to make things funny. So, check out these pictures of Bollywood actors sleeping:

1) The Junior Bachchan taking a quick power nap to reenergise his body and mind. 

2) The Nawab of Pataudi is a very adjusting man, it seems. 

3) She is the most searched Bollywood celebrity on Google in 2017, so far. Guys who?  

4) Dressed like a beautiful bride, Soonam Kapoor took a quick nap on the sets before her next shot. 

5) The most popular Indian actress in the west, Priyanka Chopra taking a peaceful nap on her lavish private jet. 

6) She looks adorable even while sleeping. You are a sweetheart, Shraddha Kapoor. 

7) And very few actors in Bollywood are as cute and loveable as this lovely lady. 

8) Surah ho gayi, mamu. The ever so talented Booman Irani. 

9) Two of the most loved young actors in India, Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma taking a ‘deep’ nap after a hectic day at work. 

10) Even KAT was caught sleeping. How do they look so beautiful even while sleeping? 

10) Varun Dhawan knows how to take a ‘sleeping’ selfie. Poor Jackie. *Aww*

11) Least bothered about what’s happening around, the cool Baba of Bollywood Ranveer Singh is making the most of his free time on the sets, by sleeping. 

12) Alia Bhatt taking a quick nap on the sets of Shaandar with director Vikas Behl.

13) And, Piggy Chops was caught again. Cool as ever. 

14) Imran Khan is also not that bad when it comes to taking ‘sleeping’ selfies. Deepika Padukone knows nothing about it. Smart work. 

15) Even the Badshah was caught napping on the sets/location.