10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Known For Giving Gifts


The most appealing thing about Bollywood superstars is their extravagant and lavish lifestyle. Their huge assets enable them to gift their loved ones very expensive gifts. The huge cost of the gift always makes headlines. In this article we have compiled a list of 10 Bollywood celebrities who turned heads with their expensive gifts.

Abhisekh Bachchan to his daughter:


Son of Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan, Abhisekh, gifted his daughter a mini Cooper on her birthday. The car costs almost 25 lakhs. Children in their tender age love small cars as their birthday present but Aaradhya got this super expensive gift on her birthday. Although she is a star kid, Aishwariya has made sure that she doesn’t come in the media every now and then. She was last seen at Cannes walking with her mother in a white gown. This expensive gift has made her the talk of the industry.


Shah Rukh Khan to Ra. One cast:

Ra. One was a superhero movie produced and acted by Shah Rukh Khan. The film went on to do average business but that didn’t prevent Shah Rukh form gifting five of his cast members MW 7 series sedan. The car costed almost 1 crore. Shah Rukh also gifted Rajnikanth as a gesture of good will.

Aditya Chopra to Rani Mukherjee:

Aditya is now happily married to Rani. But people should know that Aditya proposed to Rani by gifting her an Audi A8 which cost 1.25 crore. There was no way Rani could reject Aditya’s proposal after getting this super expensive gift.

Ajay Devgan to Kajol :

Ajay Devgan is not too far behind in this list too. After becoming parents for the first time to daughter Nysa, he gifted his wife an Audi sedan. The car’s estimated price is 25 lakhs. Kajol must have been very pleased with this gift.

Raj Kundra to Shilpa Shetty:

Raj and Shilpa literally live on the clouds after getting married. He gifted her an apartment on the 19th floor in Burj Khalifa, in Dubai. The apartment worth over 50 crores. This has to be one way of stealing your wife’s heart.

Vidhu Binod Chopra to Amitabh Bachchan :

Amitabh was gifted a brand new Rolls Royce Ghost for acting in Eklavya, a film produced by Vidhu Binod Chopra. TH e price of the car is 3.5 crores. Till date, this remains one of the most expensive gifts that Amitabh ever received.

Siddharth Roy Kapur to Vidya Balan:

Vidya married UTV chief Siddharth in a grand ceremony and out of many gifts she received, the flat on the Juhu beach is her favorite. It offers a paranomic view of the Arabian see and costs almost 30 crores.

Salman Khan to Jacqueline Fernandez:

Jacqueline Fernandez has been rumoured to be in a relationship with Salman for a long time. However it has never been publicly accepted. Salman gifted his costar an expensive painting for her impressive performance in his movie Kick. The asset is estimated around 2.5 crores.

Sidharth Malhotra to Alia Bhatt:

the couple have gifted each other many expensive gifts. Siddharth gifted Alia a high-end camera which touched her heart. It costs 1.5 Lakhs as it comes with a selfie mode too.

Aamir Khan to Kiran Rao:

‘Mr. perfectionist’ Amir Khan loves his wife Kiran so much that he gifted her a holiday home in Beverly Hills. It cost him 75 Crores. Next time they travel to USA they will stay right in the middle of Hollywood.